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100 ML

“Talk smoky to me!” she said,
his tobacco lips
and her vanilla soul
blending into each other…



Top: Bergamot, Cherry

Heart: Lilac, Cinnamon

Base: Vanilla, Tobacco, Vetiver


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About the Lead Character

Tobacco Flirting with Vanilla souls is the incarnation of the good old courtship between the sweet one and the cheeky one with a hard shell to crack. The domination of the charismatic tobacco in the room can be felt instantly. So is the submissiveness of the sweet vanilla. Just like a perfectly executed waltz, they meld with each other. Them becoming one is what makes this dance so daring.

You are now leading a beautiful choreography. Let yourself go with the rhythm.

Let Tobacco Flirting With Vanilla unleash your sensual side and start talking smoky.


Olfactory Notes

Innocent and pure vanilla notes couple up perfectly with smoky and dominant tobacco notes. Their blend reaches perfection with naughty cherry notes that elevate the scent to a level where it is impossible not to be intoxicated by it.

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