About us

Discover Your Life Force Energy

Mes Bisous is a brand dedicated to your self-discovery about seduction.
As the unbreakable connection between memories and scents is made in the human brain, each perfume is crafted to evoke and invigorate different ways of your being. Mes Bisous is designed to unveil the most intimate desires you hold within and start your authentic story of temptation.

Lead Your Own Story

Inspired by the novels that we immerse ourselves in, we created captivating stories in which you are the lead character.
Each story’s scent inspires and empowers, leaving your mark behind and enticing the one lucky enough to smell it.

Seduction is A Form of Art

And it should be handled as such.
Thus emerged the hand-embroidered illustrations depicting various forms of flirting on the boxes that look like books.
Accompanied by a sensual poem and its story that helps radiate your unique seductive nature.
Pick the story that suits you best and let it unleash your sensual self.

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