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“Red lipstick is her fame,

Setting hearts to flame.


“My name is trouble!” Like her tyranny’s on fire.”



Top: Lemon, Bergamote, Pink Pepper

Heart: Iris, Rose, Amber

Base: Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Musk, Cedarwood, Patchouli

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About The Lead Character

Always the bell of the ball, Balle Rouge souls follow their heart wherever it may take them. They live for the excitement, the pleasure and the fun. Their red lipstick is their most enticing weapon.Seeming buoyant at all times is their trait, but never – ending nostalgia is their strength. They may fall in love in a heartbeat and forget you the next morning.

A little heartbreak is always in the cards, but it’s worth all the rapture.

Let Balle Rouge unleash your feminine energy and and get yourself in trouble.


Olfactory Notes

Tangy lemon is the young, frivolous soul who seeks excitement in this beautifully crafted perfume. Inspired by the alluring scent of good old nostalgic lipsticks, the iris notes with powdery, floral profile add the nostalgia this free-spirited soul needs when seeking refuge.

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